People often use apologies as a way to fill space and to ease social interactions. Often people apologize for things they're not actually sorry about, or things they think they are supposed to be sorry about. Apologies are verbal and non-verbal. They are written and suggested and thought. What you are NOT SORRY about is important! Your non-apologies deserve space in this world! 

The Not Sorry Project is an effort to resist the phenomenon of the compulsory apology by choosing to consciously take up space with non-apologies.  We approach the act of articulating what we're not sorry for as a form resistance and of cultivating pride.

This site has two main components. One, a running compendium of your submissions- audio and text files stating what you're not sorry for. Two, a blog in which we gather and discuss themes that come up in the submissions and sound off on the things that we're not sorry for this week.

Our goals:

  • To allow ourselves, and you, a space to take up space

  • To begin a practice of cultivating ideas and allowing them the room to grow, instead of staying stuck in cyclical thought patterns

  • To do the work, even though we know it’s not going to be 100% perfect all the time

  • To use this site as a place to share ideas, to create shared space and to find common ground