The secret to dancing


Last night I went to a queer dance club in Boston with my dear friend Rose. Rose is the kind of unabashed, soulful dancer that makes me want to dance in every beautiful way I know how. When Rose went to the bathroom, a young person approached me: 

“May I dance with you?”
“I don’t know if I can keep up with you. Maybe you can give me some tips.”

But we just kept dancing. Rose came back, and she disappeared. And then I realized the only dance tip that matters: 

The secret is to take up space.

I ran into her later and let her in on my little snippet of advice.
"Like.... this? Just... like a lot of space?" She started dancing.
You got it. Find the space that you can. Unapologetically. Largely.

So in case you too need a little advice for dancing, or for living in this world, imagine a little queer angel whispering to you:

"The secret is to take up space."