Kate is a queer feminist living on the West Side of Chicago.

I'm not sorry for how much I like routine
I'm not sorry for not having as much space for other people's feelings as they would like me to
I'm not sorry that my body hair makes you uncomfortable
I'm not sorry for being a bottom, except when I'm not
I'm not sorry for my righteous anger
I'm not sorry that I use words you don't understand
I'm not sorry for getting angry when men take up too much space
I'm not sorry for loving butch women
I'm not sorry for needing to leave the dance party right now and not saying goodbye
I'm not sorry that I'm still learning how to be a good ally, a good friend, a good partner, a good daughter

Alison is a fermentation scientist and queercrip artist/activist

I'm not sorry for...            
Simultaneously being a female-presenting academic and knowing my shit                     Laughing loudly in public places
Asking lots of questions at the doctor's office
For threatening your masculinity
Talking about gay sex
For valuing comfort over fashion  
Believing that my anger is productive and healthy and justified
For asking you to turn your music down on the train
Getting in your way on the train when you were taking up half of my seat with your masculinity
Not wanting to "educate others"
For not always smiling and "being nice"
For holding some unpopular opinions
I'm not sorry for walking away